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Lunar Byakko's General by PlzExcuseMyInk Lunar Byakko's General by PlzExcuseMyInk
General for the Byakko clan for :iconastaras-light:

Age: 526 but looks 26

Height: 6’4

Race: White tiger from the Byakko clan

Occupation: Warrior/ Healer

Rank: Ancient General

Lives: in the Byakko city Sharad

Personality: He is often at times standoff ish and always seems to have a piss off face . He can be at times kind but has a hard time showing in the proper way. He is a sadist and whip happy, on the battle field he is a fierce beast and tends to lick the blood of his victims off his claws.
Family: Lunar has three older brothers, Wax and Wane (twins) and Eclipse (the eldest), mother (white tiger like lunar) and father (Bengal tiger) that are still alive.
Weapon of choice and Power: Weapon of choice metal tip whip, power metal claw, power his claws get hard as metal and he can break through anything

Lunar was raised in a proud family of tigers, he was taught everything (I mean everything) he knows by his father and became the top ranking General of the Byakko clan. He likes to go off and visit the capital every once in awhile and meet up with the other generals of the other clans to do things *cough* do things….
Lunar does have a love interest Getsurei (another white tiger, female) but she rejects him all the time. He then takes out his frustrations on Sunda (Suzaku’s general) *cough* takes out his frustrations in many ways with Sunda and with the other generals (by doing things or talking about it).

Lunar humph- “All these people will bow to me and my whip.” –smirk- “in more ways than one if you know what I mean.”: -

Lunar (C) Melissa Barnhill Who Knows Where MBanimation
Only to be used for :iconastaras-light: please do not copy or steal
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